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Hello, i didn't made any post of news for the 1.9 and 1.9.1, so here i'll tell all of the updates i made since 1.9.

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So, theres not much i added on the game, I even forgot the tweaks i made, so heres the uodates i remembered.

- Added boss
- Level 4 added (Actually, level 4 is now what before was Level 3, and Level 3 was replaced to a new level)
- Now the levels are alot more easier
- Added a character gun menu! Current guns:
*Normal Gun: Starter
*Machine Gun: Available only on Level 2 and later
*Sniper: Available only on Level 3 and later
- Added textures! Added a grass and a stone (For the mountains) textures

I was pretty lazy and i didn't made so much stuff for the 2.0 update. I had a charcter problem and those stuffs.

Oh and i have a question for you guys. When should i launch Alpha (or Pre-Alpha) version? Like what contents would be aquired for that version?

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