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A new version has been added! Ufortunately i couldn't uodate Linux version to 1.7 becouse of a font problem. I'll try to update linux in the future.

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So, here are one of the most important version of CubeWar TowerDefense! Let's see what i have updated:

- You can save on what level you are now! No need to start the game in level 1 when you exit;
- New Font;
- The Menu, GameOver and the Victory scenes has more fancier buttons;
- Wave Indicater;
- Tweaked the menu music;
- Level 2 has less enemies, now it wont take eternities to finish a wave there;

Save Feature
So, a new save feature has been added. So, you can't save manually (yet), but the game will autosave for you. It won't save like on what wave you are. It will save on what level you are. So if you complete level 1, and exit the game, and open the game back up, you'll see that you won't need to start on level 1 any more. Something nice about the save feature is that, if the game updates, you can update your game and your content is still saved.

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