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Our second devblog for Cube Shooty, along with new beta demos!

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We received feedback that our alpha build struggled with unintuitive controls and a lack of guidance, making the game inaccessible to new players. Our beta build addresses this feed back in a number of ways. First, we worked to make the game easier to control by employing a still camera that can be moved to different sides of the cube using WASD. This should feel more intuitive that our previous free-roaming design. We also added icons and UI elements to further clarify the map layout since we noticed confusion about enemy spawn and goal locations. Additionally, we slowed down our tutorial, making sure players have taken each action before teaching them a new one. We also spent some more time balancing the difficulty of enemy waves to make the game challenging and fun.

Screen Shot 2021 12 06 at 10 19 40 AM Screen Shot 2021 12 06 at 10 19 47 AM

We also added a lot of aesthetic improvements to the game, including a soundtrack, scene transitions, new menu and game over screens, and juicier visual effects. In our next iteration, we will be cleaning up any remaining bugs and tweaking the experience to make sure it’s fun for a wide variety of play testers. We will also work to make the aesthetics of our game more cohesive, and finalize the pacing and difficulty.

Play our new Beta builds here!

Windows Download:

Mac Download:

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