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The Lamiae fork of Cube 2 gives you a great tool to make your own games.

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We're working with the Lamiae engine (fork of Cube 2) to create a game about exploring a tiny, magical isle.

The Engine

Lamiae combines the intuitive map editing of Cube 2, with the beautiful shaders of Tesseract and adds on top of that powerful tools to programm games.

  • basically anything can be acessed trough the UI
  • next-gen shaders
  • coding language focused on creating RPGs - but can also be used for FPS and Adventures

You can try the engine out yourself here: (click on download zip at the right)
If you don't want to create executables for the engine yourself, download this archive (Windows 32): and copy the binw32 folder into your lamiae installation.
Note that this download link is temporary.

Why use Cube 2?

The map editing is just wonderful - intuitive, quick, powerful.With the new tools Lamiae introduces it also becomes easy to add gameplay.

If you're curious, here is the page of our tiny, magical game:

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