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Cuball has just released onto the Appstore. Why not get your copy now for 69p. Plus a little look at my last app sales data and the industry itself.

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Cuball has just been released to the masses!

- Over 40 Levels!
- 5 Fantastic Gameplay Block Types
- 3 Level Types (Survival, Skill and Maze)
- Offline Leaderboards

- More features will be coming in updates

Cuball is my project i have been working on for round about 1 month+. The project turned out pretty well after i almost scraped it many times as i couldn't create an art-style i liked then ran into various hardware issues.

Hardware Problems:
The biggest problems i ran into when creating cuball was hardware issues. At first you think that mobiles are awesome and can run anything like a PC can. You then find out that your awesome code that you thought was super optimized isn't and you get alot of slowdown and the device will crash with the tinyest of memory leak.

I solved this by going through every line checking to ensure the memory was being freed and not causing any leaks. The levels can take a little time to load on older devices but i thought i done a great job as the bigger levels take 40 secs which isn't to bad really.

I thought i would share a few numbers and statistics about my last project i done. Could be useful to see the kinda stats if your wanting to get into mobile devolopment.

Spacenauts was a fun maths game aimed towards kids. The app was just a quick app i made and only took round about 1 week to complete from design.

The app has been out for just over 1 month now and has had 91 downloads. I havn't had alot of time to really market the app. The app is released for free and has been featured in new and noteworthy for a littlewhile aswell as been ranked Ireland 158 , Venezuela 417, Peru 550, China 920 on the appstores.

Mobile industry:
So far the mobile industry has been pretty great to me. It seems to be rather expensive to get into if you don't have the hardware such as an apple mac, licenses etc. Once you buy it all it's not that hard to earn back long term. There seems to be alot of buissinesses looking to embrase the apple appstore so if your good enough at buissiness you can make apps for companies. Aslong as you stay professional and not rip people off you will get alot more buissiness out of people.

So far i have created an app for one local company which is almost done. I can't enclose any sales data or anything about the app due to NDAs etc.

I'm wanting to tap into the android industry very soon aswell so once i pay off the debt i will be buying licensing for android. So the more apps the sell the more places i can sell them on :D.

You can download spacenuats for free:

Buy cuball my platform game at:

Any copys sold of cuball go straight back into the pot to help create bigger and better apps.
Thanks for the support.

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