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CS:2D Inferno: Update Plans for alpha versions | Im gonna tell you what plans I and my team have for the alpha stage of the CS:2D Inferno Mod.

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Ok so im going to be telling you about everything you can expect in the next updates of our mod, lets start!

Also heres the mod download:

Alpha 0.1 and 0.2 you already know,

Alpha 0.3

-2 new maps and 6 new fan made maps will be added through a post we make on

-(Maybe) Molotov will be edited and possibly added to the game without commands

Alpha 0.4

-1 New map of users choice, again well use a post on

-A main menu edit will be made

-Well'll see if we can add head shots

-Jumping will be added (Maybe Crouching)

Alpha 0.5

-Maybe a graphics mod will be added

Alpha 0.6

The start of a new Era, the Competitive era.

-We'll add running accuracy

-The beginning for testing of a competitive mode

-3 New maps and 1 through another unreal etc. post.

Alpha 0.7

-The development of competitive mode will be midway done

-Possibly adding guns from CS:GO

Alpha 0.8

-Competitive mode will be done (No Ranks only kills and deaths etc.)

-A new game mode named Death Run will be added

-Crouching definitely would be added by this point

Alpha 0.9

The climax of the alpha stages

-In Competitive mode well see if we can add Ranks

-4 more maps will be made

Alpha's End--------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: by this time nothing else could be added to make it feel more like CS:GO 2D, so in the betas. Its gonna be changing massively, branching away from CSGO while keeping the CS 1.6 Feel.

-Nothing else will be added, only from now then new gamemodes and stuff will be added.


So that's the plan for the alpha stage, it might be true or really massively off from whats gonna come.

-DraconX and the team

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