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Yes! Now there is puzzles, so far there are only lever puzzles, but i'll try to add some other types of puzzles. I've been taking some time off but i am still developing this CS. I will be releasing a BETA version to the public to test to, ONLY test if you're not interested in the story! The BETA will include everything that i made (don't hate too much i have made a *crap sketch* of all maps and will fix it soon) You may not record the test for youtube until further notice. Release soon

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  • Added Lever Puzzles
  • The Shadow grows stronger while you progress..
  • Fixed wall and item glitches (You may experience some wall collides and/or glitches)
  • Added Master Name
    There are questions that need answers below if you are (or not) a BETA tester
    Thank you :)
  1. Is there correct lighting?
  2. How's the enemy encounters? (I was thinking it is too constantly so i deleted some)
  3. How much does it lag? (I have a low-spec PC so this is important)
  4. Is it satisfying on how long is each map is?
  5. Need more items to heal the player?
  6. Any errors at all?
  7. Things too hard to find? (Keys, items, etc.)
  8. Anything else you find wrong?

BETA Download may be available in a few days (or later) (If you get an error when entering a level means that that is the last map ended)

Post answers in the comment section

That is all thank you :)

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