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Some information about progress of the mod for you people!

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Hi everyone!

I think it's time for a small update on information for you!

First of "insert bla bla bla, no time last weeks here because of hard work text"

Then yeah...summer is most over (so my work too) that means more time in modding & gaming. I don't want to lie...I did like 0% modding last weeks. At least I watched 3 AI matches with the actual developer version of 1.9.32.

Ok that was enough nonsense text.

What can you expect from the upcoming version?

-Completely standalone (download & play immediately!)
-Included are 2 game.exe (One with HyperPatch & one without)
-Better balance (yay!)
-Working threat rating logic (i.e. obelisk prefer to shoot at Titan's instead infantry)
-Rebalanced threat values (why should a buggy be as dangerous rated as a Nemesis wtf!?)
-Bugfixes (I know :/)
-Improved AI (This will be a lot of work)
-More new unit voices (this improves atmosphere a lot!)
-Finally the music pack is returning! (Some asked me since 2009 to release it as free download)
-New redone WIP ingame Menu (This will be improved later or sooner)
-A very nice new Ion Storm sound (this is really awesome)
-Some new content (units, weapons etc)
-Minor graphic changes (nothing big here)
-Maybe some other things I might forget

Please don't ask me when the release will be ready, as I don't know it really! You have to deal with an annoying "when it's done" sry :P

Progress will be soon as fast as cabal units hunting down everything!

And BTW...I am looking for new modding members!

The Team so far:

Astor (Founder, mostly allrounder for everything)
Chubrokoli (Co-Founder, good advisor for balance/ideas)
Commander28 (Audio Artist, providing soundtracks)

What do we need?

2D Artist (techtrees, units/buildings, interface)
3D Artist (buildings)
Mappers (multiplayer, singleplayer)
Story/Text Writer (Unit descriptions, story ideas etc)
Audio Artists (unit voices, campaign voices, music, soundeffects)
Beta Testers (Feedback, ideas)

So if you are interrested in helping, feel free to PM us!


Sounds good what I would wish me desperately after playing your mod the last few days are descriptions on the unit pictures.

For example you could implement in the pictures for all those million Mechs what they are good against.

AP (Anti Personnel) AT (Anti tank) AA (Anti Aircraft) (AT&AP) something like that would surely be helpful and useful for the tons of units which are in this mod. Just a tiny hint somewhere in the pictures.

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Astor Author

I thought of making the icons with colored boarders ->

Red = AP
Blue = AA
... etc

This would help ingame a lot I think.

btw thanks for the hint!

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Be careful with the colors if you go for that approach it may look bad if u got totally mixed up colors everywhere I think adding a little text hint somewhere in the upper left or right corner of each picture may yet still be the best solution.

Unless you manage it to sort em all nicely in order similar like in Tib wars in which each unit category pretty much had it's own build tree. That however seems impossible for tib sun and also not worth the effort.

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i know it's wrong thread, but i can't play the campainge (v. 1.9.3 beta), and every time i want to load a skirmish savegame i have an error.

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