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Crystallized Doom version 1.9.3 after two month of hard work, we are proud to present you the newest version! Lot's of changes has been done. Discover a new experience and enjoy a crash free game!

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Crystallized Doom version 1.9.3
Crystallized Doom 1.9.3 Beta

It's finally here after two months of hard work.

Changelog (small overview):

- New AI for GDI, Nod, Cabal, Forgotten (will be improved with new versions)
-Rebalanced techlevels 1-8 (techlevel 9 and 10 will not be final with the beta release)
-Rebalanced units (switched techlevels, roles, balance changes, etc)
-Updated some graphics (ion weapons, plasma weapons, flame weapons, unit graphics)
-Resized infantry (75% of original size)
-Resized some vehicles (Nod tanks as example)
-Removed some units (useless units got replaced or removed completely)
-New units (most are high tech units and not final)
-New individual unit voices
-New sidebar and EVA sounds for GDI
-Cleaned up file structure
-Many bugfixes/crashfixes

The mod is now crashfree!

Know issues:

-City slider in random map generator does crash the game
-Water slider in random map generator may crash the game
-Original Campaign is not playable
-AI builds MCV's on lower techlevels too (will be fixed with next update)
-Techlevel 9 & 10 are not balanced and not recommend to be used (will be balanced with next update)

Good to know:

-Do NEVER change starting units (this is needed to get 3rd & 4th side to work)
-NEVER disable "Bases" (necessary for new factions & AI)
-You may set graphic details to medium to stop waveclass errors (lasers & sonic)

To get the new loding screens for all 4 sides working, you have to add this to your SUN.ini


We hope you are going to enjoy the new version as much as we do!

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