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Another update! It's been a while, we know. But be patient, we are not dead!

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We discussed the problem about the classes, so now it looks like this:

Engineer: He still can place turrets, the second ability is still W.I.P. The turret will have low damage because of balance and you can only place maximum of 2 turrets, if you die say goodbye to them.

Builder: He can place barricades which can block the way of the enemies, and they must destroy it to get through. The amount of the barricades are fixed too, maximum 3. The second ability is still W.I.P.

Scientist: He is the one who has an unique weapon, the jar-laucher. He lauches a jar with full of liquid anti-body which can destroy the toxic crystal, but since its always evolving, this is just a temporary solution. The second ability is still W.I.P.

Support: His first ability is ammo box placing. A box contains 1000 bullets. The larger is the caliber, the more it will costs, like: SMG ammo costs 1, but the Shotgun costs 3 because of the multiple shots. The second ability is still W.I.P.
As you can see, we only have the main abilities, but we are working on it.

We managed to make the multiplayer working so the basic server hosting and joining is working.

Monster spawning
Health system with new bar
Weapon pickup

Ammo system and pickup
Particles for different surfaces

Name-tag over the player

Half-done class selection system
Working muzzle-flash

The first map will be an airport, the story will start here. I'm done with a couple of models for it, like:
ATM, luggage, luggage carrier, escalator, luggage scanner, baggage carousel, sliding door, rotating door, tri-phone booth, couple of desks, round bench, chairs, bench, vending machine, and a couple of airport parts. It took a long time and they are not even textured.

I'd like to make at least 2 more enemy models and I still have to make the player models too. So it's a long way road, but we are planning to release the alpha on desura, so don't forget to check our page sometimes.

What's coming in the next update?

- Fixed multiplayer with less lagg and fixed latency.
- More weapons.
- The airport (hopefully) will be playable.
- Finished class selection.
- The first class abilities. (Turret,barricade,ammobox placement and the jar laucher) Not 100% working, may just placeholders.
- Smaller fixes and some more features, particles, texture updates etc.

Here is a small singleplayer gameplay:

Please comment and share your ideas and opinions if you like.

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