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News mod.

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Welcome to my mod page!

There will be news about fashion now.

  • Now the mod is in development, 2 levels are planned in the future (the 1st level is in development, and the 2nd is in draft form)

Now I'll tell you how my old outline (in my head) map should look like.

Initially, the mod was called The Day, we arrive at the VTOL aircraft, we are not greeted so happily, upon disembarkation we saw that there was a massacre with an unknown object and we moved on and watched the picture, the Korean car was destroyed and frozen, then we met one frozen marine , when turning, we saw the corpses of the Koreans, after what we saw we heard the scream of the hunter and in the camouflage mode we would see the war between the Koreans and the hunter, but the Koreans won, but after the victory, the hunter exploded, destroying the enemy's armored vehicles and some of the survivors remained, we finished off them, after the reprisals of the Koreans, we moved on.

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