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The mod is a framework for adding the nanosuit abilities in any armor (playable or not) that the user sees fit.

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The mod allows the user to add armors of their liking which will have the abilities found on the Crysis Series. The selected suit(s) is\are completely configurable through the use of INI variables and custom batch scripts. I have included an armor similar to the Chinese Stealth Suit along with its file containing its variables as an example. It is located at The Doctor Mitchell's House by the fireplace. The user will need an energy source placed there as well. The mod blends nice with mods such as Solid Project and SUPERHOT. There are 31 perks can be achieved to improve the abilities or add new ones.

Release Notes

V 9.3.0 NOTES (Updated: December 4th, 2019)
Requires JIPLN 54.95+ and Johnny Guitar 2.0+:

- Fix: Body Heat Effect is now applied correctly to actors when the Nanovision is on.
- Fix: Deflection Hit Indicator now works as intended with the 'Solid Project' mod.
- Fix: Player will still be cloaked when firing silenced pistols.
- Fix: First Aid Perk now works as intended.
- Fix: Fixed rare case where the suit would reboot twice after just doing that.
- Fix: Nanosuit Mark II perk will not show anymore in the Perks Menu, after acquiring the Nanosuit Mark III.

Important Notes

<=> Installation

- Drag and Drop the files into the 'Data' folder.

<=> Unninstallation

- Disable the mod in the 'Core' submenu of the MCM.
- Save the game.
- Remove the mod from the load order.

<=> Default Actions

- Primary Menu: X (Hold)
- Secondary Menu: Tap the Primary Menu hotkey and then hold it.
- Power Jump: L-Alt - (Double Tap).
- Sprint: Left Shift - (Tap and hold it)
- Tactical Visor Zoom: M (Hold). Use the mouse wheels to zoom in\out.
<=> If you are unable to perform the sprint while in Speed Mode:

i - The Sprint Key and the "Toogle Run" Control are the same by default. Just rebind one of them.
ii - You are in god mode. Disable it.

<=> The Power Jump hotkey and the "Always Run" Control are ALSO the same by default. Just rebind one of them as well.

<=> This mod supports the real nanosuit models ported from the game franchise, available on the internet.

<=> Ultimate Crysis Pack Notes:

The Prototype version is considered experimental, thus has poor set of values. The OPS version derives from the Protoype version and is designed to have better cloak abilities. The Army version derives from the Protoype version and is designed to sustain more damage. The Korean Nanosuit and the Nanosuit 1 has better set of values than the prior ones (The latter is better) and the Nanosuit 2 is the best, although it is not overpowered.

<=> The Nanosuit is located inside the DocMitchell's house between next to the fireplace.

<=> A Schematics for the Energy Suit has been also added in DocMitchell's house by the fireplace. The user can use the ingestible created on the workbench to fill up the Energy Bar faster.


NVSE V 5.1 Beta 3 +

UIO - User Interface Organizer

JIP LN NVSE Plugin 54.95+

Recommended Mods

01 - The Mod Configuration Menu
02 - Gun Behavior Mod Merge
03 - More Realistic Aiming
04 - Fps Hold a Breath (My Other Mod)
05 - Stamina
07 - Solid Project (Compilation of Animation Project and Lazarus Project)


Bethesda and Obsidian for creating the game.
Nexus for the allowing me to upload the files.
africaisstarving for helping me with the Project Nevada compatibility script and the overlays. Big thx to you. :)
necrow for helping me test the mod. Thank you very much, man.
remsat for assisting me with testing the suit and giving me promissing ideas. ;)
KiCHo666 for giving suggestions for the earlier versions.
Cipscis team for creating the Script Validator (Script Validator).
alaketh for the inspiration mod, (TEK_Crysis Nanosuit - Fallout 3 mod).
Khyrin1129 for being another source of ideas (Nano Armor System - Fallout 3 mod).
troyquay for allowing anyone to use the assets of his Thermal Vision mod.
Urwy for creating the "Stealthsuit MKII - Added glowmaps" mod and allowing me to use it.
PSNtoonjuice for helping me out testing the mod.
Dan Zadorozny for creating his awesome free fonts.

Tools Used

- Geck.
- FNVEdit.
- Paint NET.
- Sound Forge 9.0b.
- Photoshop CS6
- Free Sounds.
- Free Sounds Org.
- Demo voices.
- MorphVOX Pro.
- Cool Edit Pro 2.0.
- Oblivion Font Generator 1.13
- Free online OTF to TTF Converter
- Hexadecimal to Decimal Converter
- Script Validator

References used while making the mod

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