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Hey there, today we're going to tell you how to fix broken bones and cure radiation disease in CryoFall! Learn more about it in our dev. blog entry #23!

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CryoFall Dev.Blog #23 - Medical items

Today we'd like to continue with the topic of previous post and tell you more about the related features and mechanics.

To be specific - this time we'd like cover medical items in CryoFall. We've mentioned some of those items in some of our previous blog entries, but this time we have much more to show and talk about.

So, without further ado, here's a picture of some medical items currently used in the game:

As you can see there are numbers of different items from the basic herbs to a cutting edge anti-rad treatments and stimpacks. What are those for?

  • Herbs are used as a basic remedy for the everyday simple needs.
  • Concoction is a more advanced treatment used to restore health.
  • Hemostatic and Bandage are your first priority needs when bleeding.
  • First aid kit restores more health and removes some of the negative effects mentioned in our previous blog entry, like nausea, bleeding, etc.
  • Splint is used to fix the broken bones. Of course, as we have told you before - running is not an option when your leg is broken.
  • Painkillers are used just like in real life to remove the effects of pain - another negative you can get, when, say, your character's leg is broken.
  • Stimpacks are used when you want to restore your health very fast. But be wary: overdosage of stimpacks will lead to addiction and other negative effects!

Now we're getting to the interesting part! As you know, CryoFall will have places with technogenic effects like Radiation or Toxic pollution. Of course you will need to treat those somehow. But this is much more difficult, taking into account how dangerous those effects can be.

So, there are two main types of medication for these ailments:

  • Pre-exposure treatments - these are taken before the contact with polluted areas. They will drastically decrease the amount of exposure you will get while in the polluted area. There are Toxin pre-exposure treatment and Radiation pre-exposure treatment. What are they needed for? Well, those are needed to make you actually survive the contact with the pollution and make it out alive to get the next kind of medication!
  • Emergency treatments - these are taken after your exposure to either radioactive or toxically polluted areas. Effects of being exposed to either kind of this pollution are rather long-lasting, and negating those will help your character to get better faster. And of course, he or she won't die and won't be shining in the dark after taking those meds.

As you can see, the medical aid system is finally getting into its finalized shape. It might be somewhat complicated, but as the game is quite realistic we wanted to make the ailments and their cure as close to reality as possible! Plus it just adds more depths to the game when you need to consider different consequences and possible course of action.

Anyway, don't forget to join our forums or leave your comments here!

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