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Hey friends, this week we're going to tell you about production chains! Learn more about it in our Dev. blog entry #20!

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CryoFall Dev.Blog #20 - Production chains

Greetings friends! In today's blog entry we'd like to tell you a bit more about the production chains in CryoFall.

So, imagine your character is in dire need of a new suit of armor. Now, what can you do? Well, you can make the most with with what you have, but something more advanced will certainly require a whole set of advanced materials, right? But how can one get those?

That's what the production chains are about. From the very beginning we said that we wanted to create a bit more involved crafting with interesting production chains, complex recipes and also keep it as close to real-world equivalents as possible.

So, let's see that on an example. What do you need to create water-and-gas-proof fabric for your new hazmat? Well, you will need some kind of rubber, right? Combined with a woven fabric base you will get your composite material. But where do you get the rubber? For that we will first need to find a rubber tree!

Then in a chemical laboratory you can cure the natural rubber with sulfur to produce vulcanized rubber (the kind or rubber we mean when we say "rubber").

Now, combine it with a fabric base and the end result will give us tarpaulin, which can then be used in other manufacturing recipes, like the hazmat suit mentioned earlier.


This case in point brings us to the following notion: if you enjoy games with involved mechanics (and not only crafting) CryoFall will provide you with ample opportunities to tinker with things. Although, doing it all entirely on your own might be a bit difficult, just enough to stimulate various degrees of interaction between players, like specialisation, trading and, well for those who just wants the world to burn - brigandism and marauding to either re-sell the goods or to use those themselves.

Anyway, that all what we wanted to share with you today! Please follow our blogs for more updates on CryoFall and stay tuned for our second closed test that's happening this month!

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