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In this article we're talking about our world editor and its tools.

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CryoFall Dev.Blog #13 - World Editor


This blog post should be primarily our progress report, but we decided to include some information about our world editor for CryoFall, so let's start with that!

As you can see on the image it has quite a number of different editing tools. Everything is quite convenient and easy to use.

If you are curious the tools are (left to right):

  • Selector tool (select objects, see their info, etc.)
  • Terrain tool (edit the actual terrain)
  • Object placement tool (allows to place objects into the world)
  • Slopes tool (allows to add slopes between different levels of terrain)
  • Zone editor tool (allows to specify zones, like forest, monster spawns, loot spawn, etc.)
  • Map configuration tool (resize, etc.)
  • Macro tool (island generation, etc.)
  • World management tool (save, load, etc.)

Editor will be included in the modding tools later, and by the way, the editor itself as a whole is just a mod for the game! This goes to show just how much you can do with modding! We are anticipating really great things from the community with such powerful modding tools and unlimited creativity that you guys have! :)

Now onto the progress report!

In these last couple of weeks we focused primarily on the last few gameplay mechanics that are necessary to launch the closed test. Some of these include: adding new monsters, finalizing zone definitions (forest, minerals, mob spawns, etc.), player respawning after death, improved construction menu, hunger and thirst systems and more. Essentially we are tightening everything up for the test. If everything goes well we should be able to launch the test in just one week! Let's hope it's the case :)

In the mean time join us on the forums, we are constantly posting interesting screenshots and information about our curent tasks there, so if you are following the project you might find this interesting!

Oh, and if you haven't added your application to take part in the closed alpha test you still have time left - you can do that here!

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