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Diary of a scientist who wrote everything he known.

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Year 2500 December15:
Someone broke in to our head corter and stole valuable cloning and mutating information...We don't know who was it...
year 2553 Marc 3

The war whit the covenant ended but there was a new threat coming the mutants,
mutants asked the hire-arks for technology and all what you can know about humans so
that the mutants can destroy all the human planets.

year 2553 Marc 28:

The covenant war was ended but the humans had a new problem the mutants...
The mutants gamed 4 times bigger fleet that destroyed reach and destroyed all human planets
what they found.Well until the earth...Until he gamed...

year 2525 April 15:

Jack Carver DNA was saved and consumed until we need it...
Jack was cloned in 2525 April 1, we trained him whit John-117 until they become
an ultimate soldiers we needed them to be.Jack's new name:Jack-118
Mark 9:

This new suite was develop in area 51 it's lighter and more resilient it also becomes whit a new power abilities...


Mutants were a covenant experiment it was banned because the mutants started to kill covenant forces, but the covenant didn't gave up they coded the mutants so that they attack humans not covenant, the covenant butted the mutants do live at planet c14-568 aka Forrester...

Covenant: Covenant new leaders after the war didn't know about the mutants and discovered that the mutants was the failsafe program what was activated when the Hire Arks were killed...
When the John-117 said that its finished...It was a slight pause for him...And new beginning for the Jack-118...

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