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A small update from a Crytek official concerning the release of documentation and sample files for Sandbox 3.

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Now that Crymod is back online the first official posting by a Crytek employee has been made concerning Sandbox3 for Crysis 2. Cry-Adam (Community Manager at Crytek) said the following:

Cry-Adam wrote: You can be sure that we're not going to release all new tools without any help. I can't confirm 100% at the moment but i'm almost certain that there will at least be example files included, possibly a SP and MP level from Crysis 2. We've also got a huge amount of documentation being prepared that will make the Sandbox2 documentation look like a quick-install guide :D


That is great news indeed. In other news Cryengine 3 Developers Group has opened on Mod DB and that is of course:

Cry-Adam wrote: Nice work! :)



I hope they'll include some proper docs for the C++ code and especially Lua/the AI system.

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Thanks Duruk for posting this good new news!!
can't wait till we can get our hands on it, and i am sure that they will give us more then enough documentation to find our way in the Cryengine3 universe. and adding a sp map(and mp map, although i am not so much interested in that) from Crysis2 is also very interesting. personally i always love to see original game maps, text documentation and even tut movies can give much information. but actually checking out a real game map (of crysis2) is looking at the real deal so to speak.

also great that we can already try to be a member of this new Cryengine3 group, i will sent in my reply right away!


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