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The Crusader Kings II Eldar Mod Beta has been updated to version 2.0.1!

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Crusader Kings II Eldar Mod beta v2.0.0 has been released today, 12/16/14!

Crusader Kings II Eldar Mod Features:
*Requires the Chrlemagne dlc

Eldar Religion w/ NeoSumerian branch
Solomon Dynasty
Grixis Dynasty
Krasis Dynasty
Vongola Dynasty
Pendragon Dynasty
Praetor Dynasty
Valinor Dynasty
Dova Dynasty
Alaithis Dynasty
Dulalas Dynasty
Glamathus Dynasty
IronSpear Dynasty
Naraithol Dynasty
Pelcatis Dynasty
NeoSumerian Culture
ProtoSumerian Culture
AltSumerian Culture
Varangian Culture
Este Culture
Sur Culture
Oeste Culture
Desierto Culture
Canela Culture
Eldar Blood, Dragon Blood, and Blood of the Vongola Traits
Decisions to buy/trade troops, ships, wealth, prestige, and piety

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