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this is the news and information regarding the 90% news post.

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New weapons and modifications to existing weapons in the 90% download.

New Weapons ->
i wasn't planning any new guns for this release, but they just happened anyway

The Zos Burnout, this is exactly the same as the zos, no special rounds but it fires at 6x the speed, allowing for completely wiping out anything infront of it, its weakness being how often anybot holding it has to reload.

The Zos Battle Rifle, alot like the "m" sniper, but faster firing rate 13 bursts in a clip, each burst with 4 bullets, but much much lower penetration, can kill unarmoured enemies with one shot, but anything heavier it will take longer.

modifications ->

The LasCannon, this weapon now fires laser pulses, this has been threshed out since the last release, they nolonger get stuck on enemies sometimes they fire slower, and i have given them a little shrapnel

The Zos EQ, this weapons still has ugly smoke, but atleast now the weapon works, and does what it was intended to do, get inside anything it hits and rips it apart. I have also changed the sprite.

The Zos, i have slowed down the rate of fire and the sprite.

EDIT: you can now find a MMitems.txt for the crowguard here (if it doesnt get on the front page youll find it on page 6!)

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