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The reference story of Crossover Mod to provide the flow of the game even without concept art...

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Hello again!
I'm showing you a general plot of the Crossover Mod's flow of things so you'll know what to expect:

Note that this script does not cover the cutscenes yet.

EPISODE 01 - Training Exercise

Plot 1: Hitting hard
Adrian crawling out of the crashed osprey that landed near the black mesa facility then collapses.
When he regained his consciousness, it was already dark and the fire is setting near the crash site. He wore his gasmask since the he noticed the hazard and the smell of sulfur. He only found an axe on the ground that was thrown away from their transport.

Plot 2: Strange things
As Adrian fought through the alien species, he noticed that it is becoming much more demonic and described it like hell. A very lengthy fight that needed him to strategize, before charging in through the horde of demons.

Plot 3: An Unknown Force
As he was escaping from the crash site and finding his way to the facility, he noticed some corpses of demons, decapitated and full of holes. As Adrian went on, he heard a lot of shooting. When he went to see that if it was one of his buddies, he saw an armoured guy holding a double-barreled shotgun, as if the demons are nothing to him.

Plot 4: Entering Black Mesa
Doomguy and Adrian agreeing in one to go to the facility, he saw some of his mates from other squad, they need to enter the facility, but they need to setup the charges. So Adrian and his mates went ahead as Doomguy solo'ed the whole area to protect the grunts as they fight inside the facility.

Plot 5: Defending the outpost
Sloan, a security guard assigned near the entrance of the facility, faced a spawn of Xen monsters, wondering how to defeat them, to protect his buddies. Armed with a revolver, he aimed at the monster's body to prepare for engagement.

Plot 6: Saviour
The marines have bombed the entrance, killing the monsters that will attack Sloan, so they all went inside, to rescue all personnel that they can reach.

Episode 02: Hazardous EnVironment Team

Plot 1: Hurrying Back
As a resonance cascade was happening, the group of HEV team on the Xen world, received a command to go back, but their trip back to their teleportation pod was cut off by unknown intervention.

Plot 2: Going back home
Since there were no new response from the Black Mesa message transmitter, they went home after a preparing samples back to earth, without knowing what Earth had become.

EPISODE 03: Turok

That's all I can show you guys. We are happily doing it according to our free time. Me and my friends do it for fun while we have other projects, we decided to do a collaboration to have a fun mod.


Idk if a plot is absolutely necessary for a mod like this one.

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Bobito_Pawner Author

Actually not that important but people kept nagging me about the flow of the game,and we're actually making it cinematic, so a script may help us to visualize things without concept art

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That's awesome you have it all planed out at least but I do have some advice nothing critical but are you going to release it in parts like because from the looks of this it's going to be a long project. Just don't want to worry about scaling too big and burn out fast.

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Bobito_Pawner Author

Yes thank you. We are all doing this for fun anyway.

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