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Release 1.20 will be out soon, with new units and expanded doctrines.

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Cross of Iron 1.20 will be released soon!

We've been working for quite a while on our next release and we are now proud to say that we're nearing its completion and hope to launch it this month.

Changes include new vehicles, new call-ins and, most importantly, expanded doctrines!
All the doctrines in the game have been rebalanced and added a third column to make use of some of the new vehicles and abilities we've introduced.

Here's an example of how they look:

Expanded Doctrines

The US Infantry company now has Anti-personnel mines, a 40mm Bofors AA Gun emplacement and a Sherman 105mm.

Some of the new units which will be introduced:

Wespe M5 AT Gun
Wespe 105mm Self-propelled Artillery US M5 76mm Anti-tank Gun
M3 T48 (6pdr) AT Halftrack Grille
M3 T48 (6 pdr) Anti-tank Halftrack Grille 150mm Assault Tank
M36 Jackson Comparison
M36b1 - with Sherman hull M36 "Jackson" on M10 hull

Mighty good news indeed!

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Can't wait! Wish I was playing it now! :P

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Is it possible to learn all the new units available.

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