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A fast hotfix for some outstanding issues with the CoI 1.10 release.

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Cross of Iron 1.10.1 hotfix now available!

This hotfix clears the nasty localisation issues that got past us on our previous release and fixes a couple more bugs we've found.

Also, on behalf of the CoI Dev Team, we would like to thank saukopf of the RelicNews Forums for his help with the Chinese translation.


- Fixed the 'Gunner Killed Critical' for the Sherman tanks so that the gunner's hatch closes when he dies;
- Fixed a bug with the Sherman model, allowing the original Shermans to use the same skin as the new Sherman models;
- Fixed the pink wreck skin of the M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer;
- Moved the Sherman Defensive Smoke ability back to slot 10, so that it no longer overlapped the Calliope Barrage and Sherman 'Crocodile' Bulldozer toggle abilities;
- Changed the M8 Greyhound's skin to be identical to the one used by the M20 Armoured Car;
- Replaced the Waffen-SS Luftwaffe's Mounted Scout Unit with the Kettenkrad due to too many bugs;
- Fixed the bug where the Flak 36 and Flakvierling 38 AA guns built by the Luftwaffe Ground Forces could be moved around like AT guns once they were built;
- Fixed no text and/or startup errors with non-English CoH localisations;
+ Added Chinese localisation.

You can download this release from:

NOTE: Cross of Iron 1.10 must be installed before applying this patch!

Please direct any feedback regarding the current release version to cross.of.iron.mod [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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