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Quick update with a few new buildings and some game concepts.

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Hi folks. Happy to see a few comments after only one day :)

I do have a few concerns with Red Alert 3 and this mod:

1) Making aircraft take off and land properly. Haven't had a good look through the code, but aircraft are not going to be magic helicopters that can VTOL everywhere.

2) Will the AI build more than one collector? Collectors will be handled much like Generals had: either Trucks or Cargo Zeps. Trucks will be less efficient and easily killed. I'm thinking Cargo Zeps could also create a new HQ (aka Construction Yard).

Also, if anyone wans to help, texturing would be greatly appreciated. As would coding help, I haven't really modded the new C&C engines before, although I have modded Civ3, Civ4, BF1942 and BF2 throughout the years. I tried some Generals modding and it seemed pretty easy.

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