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Ian shows off some new art for Crimson Keep, and recaps recent progress.

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Hey all! Ian here, game designer and artist for Crimson Keep. Over the last couple days Ben and I have been trying to figure out our plans for a demo, and what we'd like to put in it. We've also been working out some ideas that might be interesting for monster AI in the game. Here's a couple of them so far:

Skeletal Swordsman

The reanimated remains of a long-dead soldier, these undead monsters regularly patrol their old posts. They excel at melee combat, able to make precision strikes that can wound or maim. They occasionally enter a riposte stance, marked by glowing eyes, the Swordsman will reflect double the damage of your attack back at you if you attack from the front when he is in this stance.


The utterly mindless Ghoul is often found wandering aimlessly, or in a slumped weakened state, until they smell a living human meal, which they then pursue relentlessly. If the blood of a living human is shed near them they are emboldened, increasing their damage, attack speed, and movement speed.

We're also thinking about introducing locational damage into the game, allowing for the player to aim and hit certain parts of a monster's body resulting in different results like hitting their legs to reduce their movement and turn speed.

Here's some art for the game I made this week as well:

smoulder light club



As always, please feel free to leave a comment and offer any thoughts or critiques you might have. You can follow me on twitter @neckbeardninjas for more updates.

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