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here a Summary of the Criminal Confederacy Tech Upgrade Missions, its Still WIP so keeping checking up for Changes. Suggestions to make it better would help

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Mission 1 - Kessel Recuse (land)
Summary - Criminal Confederacy is still in its infancy, we need more "disposable assets". The Planet Kessal is a planet filled with High Security Prisoners who would be perfect to help our cause. We need to sneak past the Imperial Guards and escort the prisoners to our escape shuttle in return, they will help our cause or they could take a space walk and forget to get there spacesuit on the way out. This Mission Will be lead by Savan due to fact that some of the prisoners were high profile Black Sun Members.
Units to be commanded : 1 platoon of Weequry Soldiers, 1 anti - amour unit, 2
Twi'lek Assassins
other notes : the map used will be used will be an edited map from the first mission form the Vanilla campaign of FOC

Mission 2 - The Kidnapping of Bevel Lemelisk (space :Kuat)
Summary - Bevel Lemelisk was the engineer and architect who designed superweapons with the power to destroy a planet: the Death Star prototype, the Death Star, the second Death Star, the Eclipse and the Tarkin. Are Spies confirm that he is on the Planet Kuat working on the Eclipse. Although we Know that the Empire are planning to move construction to Byss, Bevel is not moving with the design team. Instead he maybe planning to ether defect to the New Republic or disappear.WE CANNOT LET HIM GO. One of members :Durga Besadii Tai is planning to build a superweapon of our own that can destroy planets, we need him if we are to move ahead with our plans. Take a small fleet and extract his shuttle before the New Republic fleet gets him so don't take too long. Hondo has demanded that he takes control of this mission.
Units to be commanded: 2 Flarestar-class attack shuttles, 3 Bloodstar - Class Frigates , 4 StarViper-class attack platforms squadrons and 5 BTL-B Y-wing starfighter squadrons

Mission 3 - Sabotage on Dathomir ( Space)
Summary - Warlord Admiral Zsinj has taken control of the Planet Dathomir and has Made his temporary Capitol following the battle of endor. Even know the NIghtsisters are allied with us, some are allied with Zsinj, THEY MUST PAY. three objectives,1: kill the Nightsisters aboard the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, 2 : Destroy the Night Clocks to keep the planet from getting frozen due to them blocking the sun light and 3 : Destroy a shipyard, word is that Zsinj is building a fleet to take over the Galaxy, we cannot allow this to happen. the Mission will be lead by Tyber Zann due to His knowledge of Dathomir thanks to his last Visit.
Units to be commended : 2
Providence-class carrier/destroyers, 4 Recusant-class light destroyers, 4 Crusader-class corvettes, 5 Dagger Starfighter Squadrons and 4 Belbullab-22 starfighter Squadrons

Mission 4 - A Search for Knowledge(Land)
We need to access information on the 2 Death Stars for our construction of the Darksaber. Our Spies have confirmed that the information that we seek is in the Imperial Palace on Coruscent. This information is vital so we dispatched
A'Sharad Hett and Teti Viba to infiltrate the Palace and secure it and bring it back to us.
Other Units to be commanded: 5 Trandosian Gunners and 5 Death Watch Commandos

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