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CRIMEA is a game set in the post-apocalyptic future, after radiation and toxic waste ravaged the world. It’s a click-to-move turn-based RPG that is currently available via combat demo. Inspired by Fallout1 and Fallout2, CRIMEA also borrows some features from Diablo and Commandos. Though we focus on the combat system you will also enjoy wandering around, exploring new locations, trading and performing quests in this particular post-apocalyptic world.

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(+) 3D engine. General view and setting resemble Fallout2 or rather how it could be if Van Buren was released - with an option to zoom in/out and rotate the camera, adjust resolution and quality, using hills and roofs in combat. Realistic day/night cycles, water reflections, particles, fog and rain – all these features are supported by the modern 3D engine.

(+) Turn-based combat with some improvements. Now you don't need to wait for every combat member to take its turn. Instead of successive moves all members (except the player) take their turns simultaneously.

(+) Traps and mines. Use them to undermine enemy forces. From hornet's nests and bear traps to plastic explosives – .

(+) RagDoll physics. Killed enemies fall more realistic.

(+) Critical hit and flesh burst. These features made the fights more diverse in Fallout. And we haven't forgotten about them.

(-) Lock picking, Stealing, Gambling. In the development we set realistic goals, and some of these features can be implemented in the expanded version only. Though we've made tech demo to check them out online.
These features are not just skills depending on your stats. To pick a lock you'll have to choose the right shape of each section of a Decoder pick, with a limited amount of attempts. For successful stealing you should take into account sights of view those people who could see your action.

(+) Improved AI. So called 'realistic perception' was borrowed from Commandos series. You can sneak behind enemies and use terrain objects to lurk. Don't get into the field of view of your opponents and don't use firearms until you are noticed or they will raise alarm and call for their companions. Some armour like helmets, gas masks, sunglasses affect perception.

(+) NPC-satellites. People and other animals will join you, if you are able to interest them with something. 'Something' can vary from common ideas to few screw-nuts (main currency on the island).

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