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So it seems interest in How Far has dwindled down if not ceased completely. I can assume its because Alpha 2 had no impression on anyone. This is probably because alpha 2 played more like your average "search & evade" style horror. "Find the keys; Avoid the single creature". That was a big mistake.

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I realize, although very empty, that you all enjoyed alpha 1 better. Maybe because it was simpler, and more to the point about being in an inexplicable place of dread. I cant judge my own work as well as you can, but I think the concept of alpha 1 was more foreboding & fear inducing. So heres whats going to happen. How Far is going to be revamped, with its original concept & feel in mind. It will be released in separate chapters. However I will also be taking it back to the old survival horror days. Away with the first person view (although it may remain as a hold-down-a-button feature for temporarily getting a closer look at something). It will now be using fixed camera angles, with most cameras simply tracking the player, but not moving location. The pregnant woman storyline will be dropped as well, possibly used later as a sub chapter. I wont reveal the new storyline. You'll have to experience it yourself.

Since the release of alpha 2 I've been learning a lot more about Blender Game Engine. I have spent much time learning how to optimize performance, as it is known that Blender GE has performance issues. Lighting will now mostly be baked using the Cycles Renderer. Also, Instead of one big seamless level, there will be seperate instances of the levels. Just like old SH & RE games, going through a door loads a new area. There are other modifications to gameplay as well, but they are subject to change & will be kept secret for now.

As for my family situation, we've been living in a shelter for about 3 months now. As we dont have a large enough income coming in right now, I'm hoping the profits from each chapter of How Far will acumulate enough for my family to leave here & start paying rent like everyone else lol. I will continue my effort to deliver great games, and I hope you can continue to show me support! Thanks everyone!

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