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It's been an exciting four years of development for us and now we're finally ready to share our official launch date for Crest with the world!

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What a rollercoaster the past few years have been! We're super excited though to finally announce the launch date for Crest, which will be on March 8th 2018!

We've been very busy the past months and below you can see all the updates, which are going to be in the release build. Right now we're polishing & balancing everything to get it as smooth as possible until launch.

Now for the waaay too long list of the coming gameplay updates. Bear in mind that the list does not include any technical updates or fixes and focuses on the new gameplay changes only. Enjoy the read & thanks for being a part of our Community. <3


  • Mountains - Rain clouds gather at the mountains and snow, the snow indicates the possibility for the mountains to create rivers, as long as enough water has gathered.

  • Ecology - A new water system making nature more alive. It is a delicate balance that can be affected by animals, followers, cities, farms and berry bushes.

  • Berry bushes - An early game food source making surviving in the beginning easier.

  • Season changes - Once per cycle there’s a dry season or a rain season.

  • Start island does not have a volcanic biome - To promote moving to another island, the start island does not contain any volcanic biome or obsidian anymore. In order to complete monuments cities need to trade with each other.


  • Needs renamed - Some of the city are renamed for convenience.
    • Fellowship = Social
    • Sustenance = Food
    • Abundance = Surplus
    • Wealth = Money
  • Doctrine updated - The doctrines are updated to be more different from each other. How each doctrine reacts to commandments is updated as well.

  • Overpopulation more severe - Overpopulation can cause potentially disastrous outcomes if left alone. It costs more food and it drains more water from the surrounding area.

  • City needs - City needs are visually updated, displaying the needs in another way.

  • Doctrine/Faith mashup - Doctrine and local faith in the city popup are combined to one tab to provide a quicker & easier overview.

  • Expertise buildings - Diplomacy, War and Trading have now their own expertise buildings.


  • Self preservation - Followers now try to avoid dangerous areas (animal habitats) and attempt to run away when attacked.

  • More own will feedback - The feedback given when followers act on their own will is more detailed.

  • Stamina fixes - Followers are now getting properly tired when doing any work so that they can’t keep going forever.


  • World overview - A new UI window details all cities and their overall needs, number of inhabitants, doctrine, faith and strength in war.

  • Word discovery tree - A completely new system for discovering the words in the game, now in the shape of a tech tree that gives you an overview of all of the words and how to unlock them.

  • Mini-Map update - A small update to the mini-map marker so that it’s easier to tell where you are.

  • Updated tutorial - The tutorial is updated to account for all new features that have been added to the game.

  • Steam achievements - A whole bunch of Steam achievements are added.

Commandment and Word Tablet

  • Commandments - Many of the commandment combinations are iterated and changed, adding some completely new ones such as “scare away animals” and we also make the consume verb have less “cannibalistic” outcomes.

  • City Creation - Followers no longer create cities on their own, and must be ordered to do so via migration commandments.

  • Word tablet - The word tablet gets an UI overhaul to match the new word discovery system.

  • Commandment tablet - In addition to the bless/condemn of the associations, the original commandment can now be blessed and condemned as well. Blessing the original commandment will increase the lifespan of that commandment for a period of time, it can be done a couple of times. Condemning an original commandment makes an association do more “damage” than it usually would to the lifebar and it also decreases the faith of your followers. These actions cost two influence.

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