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Take a look at a new creature and the revamped horde mode!

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In this upcoming update you'll experience the re-vamped Horde mode, apart from some visual changes to the map, there will be a new progression system. You'll find a creepy doctor in an isolated room, you can exchange "Unknown Essences" (Currency, dropped from monsters or scavenged) for weapons/guns/ammo, etc. If the trade is successful, the item you "bought" will appear in the bathtub next to the window.

This will add a new layer to Horde mode, instead of having everything available at start, you'll have to start with a knife and scavenge enough essences to start getting equipped. You will still have to scavenge for food/thirst/sanity items tho, the new combat, creatures and mechanics will allow horde to be more enjoyable, just make sure you finish the wave before the timer ends, or you'll get a nice visit.

The new Horde mode will be tested and adjusted according to feedback, it's not final and I made it with the resources available, so for the Steam launch it might be different.


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