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Light and Darkness: Ultimate War It started as a mod that tried to restore the old clone wars v4.0 mod and that hasn't been ruled out yet.

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-Credits of models and resources used in the mod:

All Clone trooper and battledroids models:

Clonetrooper Ph1/2 Models/base textures: Ashura DX and modified textures for various variants:Mace Madunusus,Rigging: Clonetrooper163, Animations: Petro/Clonetrooper163

All weapons, Models and textures: DICE, DC15x Sniper rifle: Free Radical

Blaze Trooper: The Collective

Clone Commando: Model: Ranisdeguery,Textures: Ranisdeguery/Sithani, Rigging:Clonetrooper163, Animations: Petro/Clonetrooper163

PurgeTrooper: Models/base textures: Ashura DX,Paldroun: Scerendo, modified textures: Tompa9,Rigging:Clonetrooper163, Animations: Petro/Clonetrooper163

Senate Commandos: Models/base textures: Ashura DX, Rigging:Clonetrooper163, Animations: Petro/Clonetrooper163

Spec ops helmet Model and Base Texture skullmuncher and everything else Clonetrooper163

ATRT Model and Texture: DICE

ARF Helmet: DICE

B1 Battledroid Credits - Modeling/Textures - Dragoan,Khornesyrup and Rmvsallen, Rigging: Clonetrooper163, Animations: DICE/Clonetrooper163

B2 Battledroid Model/base textures: DT85/Darth Tempust and modified textures for various variants: Mace Madunusus, Rigging: Clonetrooper163, Animations DICE/Clonetrooper163

All weapons, Models and textures: DICE

And the Movie Battles/Duels II Team for anything else i may have forgotten

Magna Guard: Models/Textures Netmarble and anything else Clonetrooper163

TSeries:Model/Texture Capital Games and anything else Petro/Clonetrooper163

MTT and Stap Model and Texture DICE and animations (Stap) Raw Team

AAT Model and Texture DICE and Clonetrooper163 everything else


Models Created by Warb_Null:

Old Republic Star Base, Old Republic Defense Station, Thranta, Zenith, Old Republic Dreadnought, Defender Corvette, Inexpugnable, Inexpugnable, Horizon Cruiser, Iraida Corvette, Bulwark Frigate, Foray Corvette, Quartermaster Corvette, Crucible Corvette, Praetorian Frigate, Paladin Cruiser, Mu Shuttle, Strongarm Gunship, Ocula Gunship, Ebon Hawk, Old Republic Heavy Bomber, Quarrel Gunship mk1/mk2, Hammerhead Fighter, Old Republic BB2 Bomber, Aurek, Chela Fighter, Gunship, Talon Fighter, Talon Scout, Arrow Corvette, assassin corvette, Avelanche Tank, Blue Diver, Botajef, Bothan Cruiser, Centurion Destroyer, Chasemaster, CIS Artillery, CIS Frigate, CIS Missile Frigate, CIS Shuttle, delta7b, Derriphan, doomtreader, Dragon, Empire Comm Station, Empire Station, eta3, Familybase, Fury Fighter, Gurian Speeder, GSI Speeder, Jovan Station, Manka Walker, Mercy Frigate, ministry shuttle, Nebulon C, pelleaon, Profundity, Republic Interdictor, Republic Lance Walker, Republic Phalanx, Republic Starbase, republic stun tank, Seismic-Tank, Seraph Speeder, Sheathipede, Siege Tank, Sith Battlecruiser v1/v2, Sith Bomber, Sith Destroyer, Sith Fighter, sith frigate v1/v2, Sith Fury, Sith Interceptor, Sith Troop transport, Skystrike Station, stealthship, Strident, TIE Aggressor & Oppressor, TIE Neutralizer, Tie reaper, TIE Scout, Trident, Trireme Corvette, Umbaran Fighter, Viscount, Wavecrest.


Models Created by Sly442/kubli:

CAP-2 Captivator, BT-47C T-Wing Strategic Bomber, T-51 Heavy Bomber, Manta Snubfighter, Imperial Nebulon-B, Weequay Saucer Ship, Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid, Heavy STAP, 008 Heavy Landspeeder, ARC-40b Scout-Reconnaissance Fighter, T4 Turret Droid, Fu Clone Starfighter.


-Campaign Commander:


Mod Creator: the_Farseer:

-Covenant at War:



Mod Creator: Apex Studios:

-Battlestar Galactica: War of the Colonies:



Mod Creator: BSG Modding team:

-Warhammer 40000: Fire In The Sky : (There have been some claims for any people but not by the original and legitimate creator, if you are reading this and you are the legitimate creator who has been inactive for years, I am aware that on your modb page you mentioned that you did not give permission to Using your models, however, years have passed since that and I think your decision could have changed, if not, and you maintain your firm position of not giving authorization to use your ship models, you can communicate and the Warhammer assets will be removed.



Mod Creator: Nagentus

Mod Credits:

-Mod Creator: CT-BX(Moddb)/CT-B1(Steam)

-mod tester: CT-BX/CT-B1, Ennard Fazbear.

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