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CREDITS: Mod developer: GorillaGuerrilla Beta testers during Closed Beta Testing: Tin, Sven, Vanessa, Kai, Luka, Han, Jura, Chiba, Andrinna, Tamara

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Beta testers during Closed Beta Testing:






Han bi





Quality Feedback:






This project was completely and exclusively realized with open source software.

  • Python - coding (shout to Guido van Rossum)
  • GIMP - Diffuse, Specular and Normal (Map) - DDS editing
  • Paint.NET - mipmapping
  • Blender - 3D modeling, Texture mapping, UV unwrapping, rigging and skinning
  • Audacity - digital audio editting
  • Shotcut - video editing
  • W.R.E.C.K. Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit - Lav
  • Warband Module System 1.166 (with tweaks and giggles) - Lav
  • Expanded - Lav
  • ModMerger framework
  • openBRF - an WB editor for BRF files -mtarini
  • Morgh's Warband Mod Tools


LSP/ OSP mods in alphabetical order:

Below is a lts of mods that have at least in some way helped in BannerPage's development:

  • 12th Century mod
  • Blood and Steel
  • Brytenwalda
  • Crusaders Way to Expiation
  • CustomCommander
  • Floris
  • Gekokujo
  • Hispania 1200
  • Mount&Gladius
  • Native Expansion
  • Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior
  • Scaedumar
  • Silverstag
  • Tocan's Calradia
  • Tohlobaria
  • Viking Conquest

Game Mehanics:

  • Diplomacy 4.3 (by Waihti)
  • Custom Commander 1.349 (by rubik)
  • Freelancer 1.6 (by taragoth)
  • Pre-battle Orders & Deployment 0.92.5 (by Caba'drin
  • Battlefield Tactics Kit (by motomataru)
  • Tournament Play Enhancements 1.5 (by Windyplains)
  • Duel Kit (by MartinF)
  • Sea Trade, Sea faring and Sea Battles (by Duh, Caba'drin)
  • Custom Troops (by Somebody)
  • Top-Tier-Troop-to-Hero (by NaglFaar)
  • Landowners/Moneylenders (by Duh)
  • Bridge Battle (by Arch3r)
  • Merchant's Trade Ledger (by Caba'drin)
  • Trade Goods Mod (by Lav)
  • Warband Entrenched (by Tempered)
  • Customizable Sparring Matches (by Jinnai)
  • Always Choose Side When Joining Battles (by einhar)
  • Bodyguards/Escorts (by Caba'drin)
  • Shield Bash (OSP) (by Xenoargh/Caba`drin)
  • Terrain advantages (by Arch3r)
  • Order: Volley Fire! (by Caba'drin)
  • Spear Bracing Kit - Mercenary
  • Camel Kit! - Makes horses react to camels (by Zarthas)
  • Deployable Pavise Shield (by Cartread)
  • Grenades and Explosions (by Beaver)
  • Adding your wife as a companion (by Lathreal)
  • Outposts (by Lumos)
  • Fire Arrow (by ElGuanche)
  • Order: Weapon Type Switch v1.0, (by Caba'drin)
  • Order: Skirmish Mode v1.0,(by Caba'drin)
  • Arena expansion mod (by Janus)
  • Bodyguards/Escorts (by Caba'drin)
  • Join any battle side (by NaglFaar)
  • Filpping coins with tavernkeepers (by Albertus Magnus)
  • Dice game (by AndyYa)


  • Perfect troop tree presentation (by Rubik)
  • New presentations for reports (v1.2)) (by jrider)
  • Companions Overview (Jedediah Q)
  • Expanded Dialog System (by jrider, lazeras)
  • Expanded nobility title system kit (v0.3.3) (by jrider)
  • Expanded dialog system kit (v1.0) ) (by jrider)
  • C3 by (Wolf)
  • Companions Overseer 2.1 (by Lav)
  • Exporting/Importing NPCs (by Rubik)
  • The World Map (by Rubik)
  • Estates of the Realm (by Windyplains)
  • Custom Player Party Name (by Caba`Drin)
  • Faction Arms Coloured (by Monnikje)
  • Banner and Flag Standardization Pack (by yellowmosquito)
  • Rohzdear - UI Re-texture (Warband Coloured Art For Mod Page)
  • Custom Lord Notes (by Lav)
  • Map Icons Pack (Slawomir of Aaarrghh)
  • New Map Icons (by painbringer, Akosmo, Daedalus)

AI, AI Meshes, Scenes, Scenes props

  • Towers, walls and ladders (by leandrojas_)
  • NE Sieges & Scenes Pack (by Lord Samuel)
  • El Arte De La Guerra UNOFFICIAL Siege Fix 1.4
  • Arena Overhaul (by Adorno)
  • Brainy Bots (bt Doghotel)
  • Polished Landscapes (by gutekfiutek)
  • Polished Buildings (by gutekfiutek)
  • Grandmasters Shaders (by La Grandmaster)
  • Skyboxes / Lighting Tutorial (by ShaunRemo)
  • Polished Skyboxes(by Charan)
  • Expaned Horizons *by Openshaw)
  • Flora Kinds Source (by Xenoargh)
  • Training Fields (by lucky lancer)
  • Utrehd's Castle Pack (by Uthred)
  • Historic Castles Project (by Adorno)
  • Lakeview Keep (BeefBacon)
  • Forteresse de Mornas (Profy)


  • Combat Animations Enhancement (by Papa Lazarou)
  • Animation Variety Mod (by jacobhinds)
  • Tavern Animation Pack (Slawomir of Aaarrghh)
  • Animation Variety Mod (Kentucky James )

Sound & Music

  • More Metal Sound (by Checkmaty)
  • Cries of War Soundpack (by Eisenhouwer)
  • Sounds of Suffering (by __Khanate_)
  • BannerPage main music theme: Celtic Music - Warrior - composed by Filip Lackovic
  • Mombasa - cover by 2Cellos
  • Myrkur's icelandic dark folk 2x
  • 60 in total music tracks, mainly medieval folk/traditional/sacral/movie theme covers
  • + SRing 40 ambient sound/music tracks mod by Aeon


  • Crusaders Way to Expiation, large item set
  • Frell's Khazak Armor Pack by ZImke Zlovoljni
  • Highlanders models - by Yamabusi
  • Battlefield Priests by Yamabusi
  • Sarranid and Vaegir Helmet Replacement - by ShaunRemo
  • Plate Armour Pack - by Narf of Picklestin
  • Rus Armour Pack - by Narf of Picklestin
  • Transitional Armour Pack - by Narf of Picklestin
  • Men-at-Arms Armour Pack - by Narf of Picklestin
  • Lucass_OSP_v4.7
  • Faradon's Smithy - by Faradon
  • Faradons Weaponry - by Faradon
  • Medieval Helmet Pack - by dejawolf
  • Viking Model Pack - by dejawolf
  • Fred's bunch 'o armours - by Fredelios
  • Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack - by xenoarg
  • 7th-11th century arms and armour pack - by Rath0s
  • Spak Items - by Spak
  • Unique Armory - by Talak
  • Pino's Armors Pack - pino69
  • Samurai weapons - by bogmir
  • Cloak Pack - by Dain Ironfoot
  • Mount&Gladius v2.0 - by Llew
  • Eastern Armor - by Njunja
  • Rhodok/Nordic Armor Pack - by BrustwarzenLenny
  • Combination Helmets - by FrisianDude
  • More Horses - by wanderer949
  • Roman Equipment - by RR_Raptor65
  • Indo-Persian Armor Pack - by dariel
  • Clothing - by HokieBT
  • Knights Mod - by Couched.
  • Armor Pack - by maw
  • Lucas's weapons - version 4.7
  • Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets
  • Wei.Xiadi's Litus Armour Project V1.1 (OSP)
  • 15th Century Weapons- Shredzorz
  • Luc weapons pack III updated II
  • AdonnaysClassicalWeaponry
  • Bloc_Northerner_Horse
  • Dark Ages OSP
  • Baraban's_Items
  • Waewulf_LP
  • B&S_DaMing by DaMing
  • Saracen Amor by dia151
  • Face Improvement Project by Iboltax
  • Male and Female Face Replacer Compilation by Virake

TaleWorlds Entertainment:

  • TaleWorlds Entertainment for creating the best game ever made
  • TaleWorlds for relasing Warband's Module System
  • TaleWorlds for relasing Viking Conquest Module System
  • TaleWorlds for in-game scene editor


For hosting BannerPage and thousands of other mods.
Disclamier - this list is constant WIP. If you think something was missed please PM me asap.




Thanks for finally making a detailed list of credits

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