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This update (v0.8) has all sorts of additives. I got a lot of feedback that previous versions were too hard to play and very difficult to enjoy. People were dying around level 4 and this was problematic.

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To combat difficulty, I decided to add the ability to gain health from monsters. When you destroy a monster, a heart will drop at a rate of 20% I had tested it at 33% but this was far too easy and the game lost it's 'survival' feel real quick. Below is a picture of the heart drop:

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Here's another shot of the heart:

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And a close-up:

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In addition, I also tweeked the HUD a bit to indicate the true values of the player stats:

Change Log (v0.8):

  • Added a "Mute Music" option for video recording.
  • Tweaked the main theme song a bit.
  • Added a 20% chance to get a heart from killing an enemy.
  • You can now save inside of shops.
  • Resized the dropped heart.
  • Added a falling animation to hearts.
  • Added a counter inside the Jewel Bag.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you buy items at rare occasions.
  • Added a pop sound when an enemy drops a heart.
  • The pop sound is also played when you pick up a heart.
  • Made trees spawn less dense.
  • Added xp number indicator.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the map spawns a black empty spot where the shop was.
  • Mac users cannot hear the song.

Thanks for checking this game out, I hope you enjoy it.


Keep it up, I really enjoyed the last version but probably won't try this one as I felt the last one was pretty easy as it's hard to get hit in the current system. Interested in seeing what this becomes.

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Very nice. Particularly great sprite design.

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Hey, I wanted to ask you something: I can't update the 0.7 version with the 0.8 version. And when I unzip file v0.8 no file shows up, can you please help me? Hope to hear from you soon, thaks (:

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