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Today, Crazy Steam Bros 2 is launched at Steam, for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Hi all!

Finally, Crazy Steam Bros 2 is available at Steam! I'm really excited and happy about it. Again, thank you everyone for the votes, comments and support so far!

So, what can you expect in the final version of "Crazy Steam Bros 2"?

- 5 levels of SteamPunk arcade style shmup. Yeah, this was already done, but now is more balanced and a bit more difficult at later stages.
- Two players co-op game. This is a feature requested by a lot of people, and that I think it makes the game really funnier!
- Controller support, whith Xbox style controllers, and compatibles.
- Integration with Steam Leaderboards, achievements and collectable cards.
- And, of course, all the previous features that you can play on the demo.

Here you can watch a pair of gameplays on Youtube, the first by YouTuber tr1ppa

And this one is from a live streaming of user ZombieNinjaPirate

I hope that you enjoy this game, and if you want to know more about my next project, I'll be happy if you follow me on Twitter. Thanks!

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