Due to copyright issues Crazy Memory will now change its name to Crazy Memoreee!

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Hello Everyone

Due to copyright issues, Crazy Memory will be changing its name to Crazy Memoreee!. Apparently someone else registered the word memory and has been bugging both Google Play and the AppStore to take down everything with the name Memory. Yeah kinda weird isn't it ? Due to this, Crazy Memory will never be coming to iOS devices, sad isn't it ? But life is like that. In other words, careful with with using the word Memory for any of your games.

With the name change, will come some changes within the game, like at the game screen.

New name title screen

If you have not played the game, check it out. It will either amuse you or you'll end up with a wtf face. Casual games aren't our specialty, but we had to try someday, we encourage you to check the results

Download the game here

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