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Crawle 0.1.1 is out! It adds a few new features, improves world generation, adds a few more details to the world (including shadows and houses) and improves NPC AI.

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Well lets start with a changelog:

0.1.0 --> 0.1.1 - MAJOR FIXES
- Improved the NPC AI (still a long way to go)

- Fixed the logo on the opening title.
- Days are now about 20 minutes long.
- Night isn't as dark.

- New exp bar.
- Holding down 'M' now shows the seed info.
- Typing sounds, cause hey, why not.
- Player, NPC, Tree & Stump shadows.
- Options and Options screen.
- Houses.

Now for those of you who have never played Crawle please read this page I've setup:

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