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This week we learn about medium rezz, encrypted pathways, and area transformations. Follow our dev diary series to learn about features and content to be released for the upcoming 'Quests Update'.

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What's being worked on for the next update?

The quests update will take some time before it's fully released. This update will add a lot of new features and content. It will be released in several parts over the next 4 to 6 months. Expect to see the first part released in the next 9 weeks or so. This dev diary series will be published weekly to keep you up-to-date on what's being developed.

Medium Rezz

Rezz is the start of simulation in a virtual environment. When a player avatar is rezzed they are able to interact with the virtual system they are rezzed in (cybernet, mainframe, etc). When a player first rezzes their avatar in a mainframe they will find themselves rendered at low rezz. Low rezz is a CPU and bandwidth saving mode (where the avatar's environment is rendered remotely and streamed). When a mainframe is under attack by a virus it loses CPU power to the virus. So when low on resources the mainframe forces a low rezz avatar and environment.

Medium rezz is possible when enough mainframe CPU is available (either by default or liberated from a virus during a run). Once there's enough CPU power the connection to the mainframe can be auto-adjusted from low rezz up to medium rezz.

Once in medium rezz, the remote stream is upgraded to present a fully 3D 3rd person perspective with colour, and some other higher level rendering. As well, a new type of pathway becomes available - the encrypted pathway.

Encrypted Pathways and Areas

Special pathways become available, and are found connected to various areas, when the mainframe has enough CPU power. These corridors lead to bigger challenges and better loot. When you enter an encrypted corridor your avatar's view changes to a 1st person perspective.

While traveling through an encrypted area expect space to warp and twist. Though the move mechanic stays the same the visuals can become non-euclidean (curved).

Area Transformations

Area transformations, such as those found in encrypted pathways, are dynamic changes to the environment which can twist, turn, warp, and otherwise change the expected line the geometry in the virtual space takes.

Pathways can turn up and over so glitches can be seen in an area that is now hanging upside-down above you. Or a security area can have a floor that undulates causing items and glitches to bob and sway like buoys on water.

This will be the basis for some new and interesting gameplay.


Next Week

Next week's dev diary we'll discover; speed boosting, charge ups, camera cuts, and more glitches to encounter.

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