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Sneak peak of next major update (release in about a week), demo ending, new open beta for players, price change, and looking forward to what's next.

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The 'Cybernet Update' is due to be released in about one week or so.

With the cybernet update, there will be more mainframes, or 'frames, connected to the 'net.

A virus is spreading between 'frames via pathways. The spread can be slowed by using proxies that are installed between mainframes. Proxies are just one of the ways to slow the spread of infection. Why these infections are happening is a mystery, but if not solved, has the potential to collapse the world's economies, or much worse.

Crash Override is a top-down arena shooter roguelite where you surf the cybernet as a gun for hire. Power up to save the mainframe before the crash wave erases everything. Loot, upgrade, and survive.

Cybernet - Wide Net

Cybernet Wide Net


Cybernet Contracts Display

Demo Ending Plus Open Beta

A few months ago a demo was released to get more hands on the game, and allow for more feedback to help improve the game. The demo was meant to be available for a limited time. The demo is being removed in about one week in favour of an open beta accessible to all players who purchase the game.


A lot of new content, features, fixes, and improvements have gone into updating the game over the last 4 months. With the next major update, and in the next couple of weeks, the price is expected to increase. This is to better reflect the current state of the game. Thank you to all who helped provide feedback! This game is better because of your help.

Quests Update

After this latest update the next to look forward to is the 'Quests Update'. The quests update will add; NPCs to meet in the cybernet, further expansion of the story, new locations to mainframes, revamped weapon management, consumable items, wearable equipment, an expansion from low rezz to medium rezz gameplay, and many new challenges to overcome while trying to derezz the virus. This update will be at least twice as big as the cybernet update.

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