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Use alchemy to craft powerful potions and special arrows. Enchant and improve your weapons and armor.

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A good rpg must have a good crafting system that helps the hero in one way or another. The possibility of crafting your own items and improve it through the game is a good feature.

My idea of a good crafting system is to be simple, practical and especially useful. It's disappointing wasting time gathering ingredients when the object created sucks or didn't help you much. For that reason, all the items that can be made with crafting are very useful and powerful if used properly without being overpowered.

This are the alchemy tables where you can craft everything you want, if you have the necessary ingredients.

You can use alchemy in four different modes:


At the top of the panel are the four round buttons for selecting witch mode you want.

Below there's a list of all the potion recipes that you can craft. Selecting one will display it on the right side and tell you witch ingredients and how many cost to craft.

If you have enough, simply click the green button to craft it and put it directly in the inventory.

Potions gives useful effects for a short period of time. Increasing your damage, resistances, speed, or gives special and useful effects.

Here's a example of some potions effects:


Using a bow doesn't require special ammunition, always shot normal arrows. But you can change it with special arrows that do special effects when fired. This arrows are powerful and with limited quantity.

You can gather special arrows exploring the castle or in enemy drops, but the most practical way is crafting it. The effects vary depending on the arrow, some apply elemental effects on the target like burn, freeze, stun, etc. Others have area of effects like exploding arrows or cluster arrows that releases small bombs when impact.

Here's a example of some arrows effects:

When the special arrows ammunition is empty, you will shot normal arrows again until another arrows are equipped.


In this mode you can improve you gear giving it more stats of effects like life regeneration or elemental resistance.

Only items with enchant slot (the purple circle) can be enchanted, one enchant per slot. First select the item you want to enchant and a list of possible enchant will appear. Simply select the enchant and craft it, and you have a more powerful sword/armor.

High level items can drop with more enchant slots. Also the enchant effects scale up with your level, but when applied to a item, are permanent.

For example let's enchant this sword:

Whit this enchantment:

And the result is:


This is the easy way of getting ingredients. When you have weapons or armor that you don't want or it's worst that you wear, you can recycle all the items you don't want and gain many ingredients in return.

The ingredients can vary depending of the type of the item and the effects already have.

Recycling an item will destroy it in the process, so be careful.

Using alchemy through the game will help you fighting and surviving some of the hard boss fights, and using potions and special arrows will make it more fun.

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