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A look into Severed World's crafting along with a few other things we've been working on...

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Crafting is now fully functional. Our crafting menu is fairly simplistic and the goal is for most of the fun to come from adventuring in difficult dungeons to acquire the necessary materials. In most boss fights, more often than not, you'll find yourself looking towards a key ingredient to finish off your recipe than a shiny new weapon- though both will certainly be on the plate!

How it works:

All potential craftable items are displayed like this to start. You'll have no idea what the recipe is, all you'll know is that you've been in an area where you can acquire materials for it.

Once you acquire a material, the recipe unlocks! You can now view the quantity needed of each item, even those you haven't acquired, as well as what you have enough of and what you don't. What isn't shown however is the actual item you're going to be crafting. That's only displayed once...'ve created the item! Now the recipe will be displayed in your crafting menu forever.Recipes are prioritized in the following order: able to unlock, incomplete recipes, unlocked recipes, and unknown ones.

Sound Effects!

Close to 200 sound effects have been whipped up by CCH Audio! Spells, monsters, environmental, UI, etc- everything we'll need (hopefully) for our game's trailer, that we'll be using for a Kickstarter campaign. He's also going to be designing our trailer's theme once we have a video ready.

Easter Bunny!

This is a side boss the player can encounter on a route to the second town. A picnic basket in a secluded area that an easter egg can be placed on. The easter egg is a rare monster drop that can be found on local man-eating bunnies. Once inserted onto the picnic basket, it spawns a boss fight...

The easter bunny is a tough cookie that lays timed grenades throughout the course of the battle. More often or not, there will be 3-6 of these grenades ready to beep away and blow up, detonating AoEs inside of the small enclosed area! The easter bunny's punches and jumps also pack a lot of weight, able to knock the player back up to three tiles.One of the potential loot rewards are actual egg grenades! You get five of these that you can slot onto your hotbar and activate as if they were an actual spell.


Our artist, Sato, has been caught up in various matters over the past month but now he's back in gear full-time! He's going to be working on things for our storyline, like new NPCs and bosses. Here's the priestess he drew yesterday, a chirpy healer that accompanies you during a dungeon through the sewers. She's based off of a friend's character.

Lots of awesome gear and weapons will also be drawn up...


I like this game! I want this game!

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chance_a Author

Thank you! We've estimated that an open beta should be good to go within three months, fingers crossed.

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Woooo i want this game!

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