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After spending some time working on crafting, I need to start figuring out what players can actually craft.

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So the crafting system now works in the game. Crafting isn't done by you as a player, but instead takes place within crafting machines. In the video, I've just put placeholder boxes in, but in the final product there will be different types of machines you can use to craft.

There is one last feature that I'm having to think about and that is the machine crafting programmes. Basically the crafting machine can have new blueprints added to them so that you can start crafting new objects (so you not only need the materials, but the program to teach the machine AND a machine capable of doing that kind of crafting). I know, complicated, but it means that some types of machines will work for different types of craft items. For instance a barbeque can craft food items into barbeque food items (I know, silly example). The idea is that you can trade/buy new crafting machines that give different crafting options given the correct blueprints. The type of player who likes to min/max these things will probably set themselves up a production line, with one machine crafting items for another. At some point I'll add in robots that actually transfer crafted items between one machine and another I think.

Another feature I want to add is auto-crafting. That is, some machines that automatically craft whatever they can when they notice the right goods for a given blueprint being in their inventory. That way you can do things like having cooking machines (i.e. pots/bbq/stove) that automatically turn raw food into cooked food.

In the video below you'll see me crafting lots of fish, into other fish. I didn't say I had good ideas for items and crafting recipes did I?? :)

So the real question is... what items can be crafted, which machines are required. Any suggestions welcome!

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