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A new update from the team on the progress of the project.

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So, folks, it's been a while since the last devblog update, hasn't it?

...Yeah, a very long while.

But don't despair, even though we haven't really been vocal about our work over the past year and a bit (since most of the conversation from us on the mod has been from our Discord and Twitter page), we've made great progress and we're really excited to talk about it here today, we're not planning to be too wordy, instead we think it would be better to give out some simple bullet points regarding notable aspects of the Demo's progress.

So, a bullet point summary on the progress of the Demo:

  • All maps required for the Demo and the Tuesday section of the Full Game (alongside several side areas added for free roam exploration) are complete and polishing/finalisation on these maps is progressing nicely (this includes 2 City Maps, 2 underground Sewer Areas, the Paradise Dream Bridge (which appears in the prologue of the game), an interior area exclusive to our second mission and half a dozen indoor areas, adding up to a current total of 14 maps)
  • New maps for the full game are already in production, starting with a new City map known as Old Catharsis, which is essentially the poorest, most downtrodden part of the City, where our vision of a rotting dystopia will be shown at its greatest extent
  • The programming for our prologue mission set at the end of P2: Apocalypse Weekend, taking place on the Paradise Dream Bridge, is complete start to finish, complete with animated cutscenes
  • Programming for the first Monday mission is also complete with only some adjustments to the objectives and polishing needed for full completion
  • Major bug fixes, the most notable of which being fixing the grenade/throwables crash, a nasty bug with Postal 3 where using throwables had a high chance of causing the game to freeze or crash (which we mentioned in our old update video as a major issue that we thought to be unfixable) have been completed and tested
  • Lots of texture improvements have been made, mostly by porting textures from the leaked Postal 3 Alpha/Perforce build (that are for some reason much higher quality than the textures that appear in the final game) into CR, along with doing some upscaling work of our own
  • Various art assets including lots of new NPC textures, signs, easter egg posters, etc etc, have also been created, making the characters more varied and the maps feel a lot less plain than they once did
  • In general, productivity has really improved in recent months with consistent daily updates on the project, our team is also holding routine VC meetings in order to better organise prioritising and general development plans

Long story short, we've done lots since the last times we've properly talked with the community, we've just not done a good job publicising that fact, for that we apologise as we know our fans are hungry for news, and in future we can hopefully post detailed updates more often.

It's also worth mentioning that fans are free to get in contact with us by joining our Discord and asking questions, messaging us on Twitter, or posting in the comments of this very ModDB page, and we will do our best to get back with answers as soon as possible.

Lastly, let's address the elephant in the room, we know that after reading all this your main question must be simply, when will the Demo release? Well, here's the answer, we're still not giving a set in stone release date yet as that will only be handed out when the Demo is almost entirely finalised and we're 100% confident that we can meet any that date, but what we can say is we think it will be sooner rather than later, timing essentially depends on whether we want to fulfil the original promise we made of a 1 mission Monday Demo or include all of Monday, which is 3 missions, making for a total of 4 with the prologue included, this is something we'll be having a debate about internally in the coming weeks but either way we're confident that completion isn't as far off as some might believe.

So, that's all for now, we would like to thank all our fans for their continued support over the years, and we hope that we can deliver a nice slice of our version for the CR project with this upcoming Demo, stay hyped and stay tuned, more info will be on the way soon.

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