Post news RSS CQB is now in v0.1 !! :D

Actually it's now in v0.12 as I work pretty fast these days and take a lot of time to write news ;) The game now has a basic gameplay and a working but not so good-looking UI, with a little menu allowing you to do a lot of things, more details inside ;)

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After one year and a half of laziness and one month of development, I'm happy to announce you that Close Quarter Battle has made a big step and is now in v0.1 ( actually it's more v0.12 )

The gameplay is pretty basic, with some bugs without a lot of things to do but the networking system is very advanced and nearly finished

Here are the features of the game so far:

  • Basic networking
  • Ability to either create a room or join one ( chosen from a list, randomly, or by name )
  • A room lobby where the MasterClient can change the map and the gamemode ( even though there is only one map and no gamemode )
  • A basic main menu ( no in-game menu yet ) with basic settings permitting you to:
  • change your gamertag
  • change your keyboard type: Qwerty / Azerty
  • change the FOV
  • A basic gameplay with :
  • a working team assignation system
  • a basic shooting script ( using raycast )
  • an in-game chat
  • No tacos :(

So, as I said previously, the game is now in v0.1 but what does that mean ?

Here is a little list showing our devlopment steps and our goals from v0.1 to v1.0:

  • v0.1: Basic gameplay ( basic networking and team system )
  • v0.2: Basic playable gameplay ( menu, rooms, respawn system... )
  • v0.3: Final playable gameplay ( gamemodes with score... )
  • v0.4: First map
  • v0.5: More maps + weapons ( a big content update )
  • v0.6: Visual upgrade ( shaders, textures... ) + HUD
  • v0.7: Final maps + weapons
  • v0.8: Final player ( animations + poses + move / jump speed )
  • v0.9: Big bugs hunt
  • v1.0: Polishing the game + hunting the last bugs

The game will be available in Alpha state from the v0.4 ( to have a quick hand on the gameplay ) and in Beta state from v0.8 ( to help us find the bugs ;) )

And another good news is that the team is actually growing, there are now 2 people with me ( if they didn't already abandonned lol ), so that's a very good news and I'm freaking happy :D

Now, as you were all waiting, here are some pictures of the game :)

The main menu
he main menu of the game ( pretty ugly actually but it works )

The settings menu
The settings menu ( the elements are very small tho, need to be fixed )

The online menu with the room list on the top righ
The online menu ( the elements are still too little, it will be fixed after )

The room lobby as seen by the Masterclient
The room lobby as seen by the Masterclient ( there is only one map named "Test" )

An actual in-game screenshot with 60 FOV
A screenshot with the default FOV ( it's a test map, it won't be in the game )

A screenshot with a FOV of 100
The same screenshot with a FOV of 100 ( the maximum )

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