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The Coven version 0.2.3 patch has released! A lot has changed! Download it and check out the new features!

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"I have at last vanquished my enemy."

The Coven 0.2.3 patch is out!

You will need the base 0.2.0 files in order to play this patch.

More Blood More Blood
Turning up the blood to 11!

This patch mainly features quality of life updates. This includes improving the base functionality of toggling ducking, and features the added ability to toggle walking. Additionally, Source SDK based games feature a hard capped FOV of 90. I have removed the hard cap and have opted for a server directed cap of the FOV. Graphical blood effects have been added to vampires feeding on corpses for additional immersion. This causes a big use of decals, so the default decal limit has been bumped up to make things nice and gore-y. Server side ragdolls netcode has been improved dramatically. By sacrificing a little accuracy and changing the underlying way the data is encoded, the data transmit has been optimized by approximately a factor of 3. Because of this optimization the default rates have been increased from 20 to 33, allowing for a little more competitive feeling. Most items went up in cost as bounties will be a little more generous going forward, and vampire leveling was rebalanced in a similar fashion. The way that turrets and bots handle stealthed vampires has been improved, and their grenade use has been tuned. Due to the change in some of the base game variables and key binds, it may be helpful to start with a clean copy of 0.2.0 and patch to 0.2.3 if something isn't working right. A complete changelog is below.

Bots are included, but please feel free to play on the Official Server for a real challenge (bots are also roaming around on there if all your friends are being lame and not playing Coven).

Additional Customization FOV 120
FOV 120 in action.

Join us on the Coven Discord!

You will need to download & install Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer to play Coven!

Download the Guided EXE Installer:
Coven 0.2.3 Installer

Download the ZIP (also contains the .so Linux files):
Coven 0.2.3 ZIP


  • BUG APC mode length adjustment does not infringe on mp_timelimit 0
  • BUG fixed menu name of crossbow to harpoon
  • BUG fixed weapon menu slot of harpoon
  • BUG updated class/ability descriptions
  • Unlocked maximum FOV (previously hard limited to 90 in base game)
  • Added FOV adjustment controls to options
  • Added server controls sv_fov_min and sv_fov_max
  • Base kill XP 20 -> 25
  • Separated bounty/xp values
  • XP Bonus per level of enemy killed increased 2 -> 10
  • Base XP and XP increase required per level moved to convars
  • XP increase per level increased 50 -> 100
  • Frag grenade cost increased 6 -> 10
  • Holywater grenade cost increased 8 -> 10
  • Medkit cost increased 15 -> 20
  • SLAM cost increased 8 -> 10
  • Simpack cost increased 8 -> 12
  • Gore base strength decreased 48 -> 46
  • Gore strength per level decreased 3 -> 2
  • Fiend base strength decreased 34 -> 32
  • Fiend strength per level decreased 2 -> 1
  • Degenerate base strength decreased 38 -> 36
  • Degenerate strength per level decreased 3 -> 2
  • Masochist effect reduced 110% of damage taken up to +80% max effect
  • BUG bots will detach if harpoon is stuck
  • Updates to server settings configuration
  • Bots will sometimes randomly change classes every few minutes
  • Innerlight reflect damage only applies to melee attacks
  • BUG bots now attack stealthed players more appropriately and detection is difficulty based
  • Pills max carry capacity increased 3 -> 5
  • Pills can be used indefinitely up to maximum effect to refresh the effect
  • BUG xp values of exactly 1.0 will register properly
  • BUG haste effect will now apply to cooldowns, item use, and global cooldown
  • Turrets interact with stealthed players more accurately (walk stealth is detected)
  • Blood spurts added during feeding
  • Network variable optimizations
  • Walk has been moved back to the +walk bind
  • Added toggle walk as convar cl_walkmode
  • Added toggle crouch as convar cl_duckmode
  • BUG switching to spectator or joining game during freezetime no longer freezes you
  • Bots buy more stuff
  • Bot grenade throwing improved
  • Gore phasing now removes wound decals
  • BUG fixed issue with spectators and glow effects while occluded
  • BUG fixed issue with crouching while uncrouching in base game
  • Massive improvements to server side ragdoll netcode
  • Updated default convars for cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate
  • Updated default mp_decals 200 ->1024
  • Moved Coven specific development tools into cheat convars and console commands
  • BUG ammo crates properly visually show ammo being removed
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