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The Coven version 0.2.2 patch has released! A lot has changed! Download it and check out the new features! Harpoon included!

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"How'd you like that stake to go?"

The Coven 0.2.2 patch is out!

You will need the base 0.2.0 files in order to play this patch.

Rappelling is back, with an extra helping of remote staking!

This patch brings back a Coven classic, the harpoon gun. In addition, it now features the ability to remotely stake vampires. In addition, there are a ton of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks to help make the Coven experience a positively merry one. A complete changelog is below.

Bots are included, but please feel free to play on the Official Server for a real challenge (bots are also roaming around on there if all your friends are being lame and not playing Coven).

Let the bloodbath begin!

Join us on the Coven Discord!

You will need to download & install Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer to play Coven!

Download the Guided EXE Installer:
Coven 0.2.2 Installer

Download the ZIP (also contains the .so Linux files):
Coven 0.2.2 ZIP


  • Gutcheck damage mitigation moved to external config file
  • Gutcheck damage mitigation reduced to 90%
  • Gorge overheal percentage moved to external config file
  • Update default motd discord link
  • BUG dark will and sheer will reset stats upon KO (can't stack indefinitely)
  • BUG dark will and sheer will now verify max health (can't stack indefinitely)
  • BUG vampire attacks now appropriately apply physics to turrets
  • Turret is proportionally harder to tip at level 2 and level 3
  • Boost 357 damage from 25 -> 35
  • Ethereal reduced chance for no damage from 30% to 20%
  • Ethereal drain reduced drain from 4/s to 2/s
  • Ethereal now drains energy proportional to damage done (120%, adjustable in config)
  • Ethereal drain alpha value moved from config file to convar sv_coven_dodge_alpha
  • Ethereal drain cooldown 5.0s -> 3.0s
  • Turret health reduced (from) to 100(150)/200(250)/300(350)
  • Ammo crate health reduced (from) to 125(200)/250(300)/375(400)
  • Turret and ammo crate xp required to level increased from 100 energy/level to 150 energy/level
  • BUG vampires glow won't display improperly when joining slayers for vampires glowing during spectating
  • Reduced cost of sheer will 10 -> 8
  • Reduced cost of intimidating shout 10 -> 8
  • BUG buildings will no longer take damage from Hellion's own holy water grenades
  • BUG ammo crates will take damage properly from vampire attacks (damage is mitigated properly)
  • Added 5 second cooldown to demolition man
  • Changed how demolition man interacts with crates. Only 1 grenade per type will be replenished per tick. Fixes infinite holywater exploit.
  • Improved ability to place turrets on an inclined surface
  • BUG got rid of hellion start up stunstick spark when spawning
  • Waypoint timers increased on outskirts 240/240/240 -> 300/300/360
  • Waypoint timers increased on forgotten 360/180/240/240/240 -> 390/180/240/240/300
  • Turret ammo increased 100/140/180 -> 100/150/200
  • BUG reloading now correctly interacts with performing actions (empty weapons won't auto reload and cancel them)
  • Reaver base speed 190 -> 210
  • Reaver spawns with 357 instead of double barrel
  • Hellion spawns with harpoon instead of 357
  • Hellion base speed 250 -> 230
  • BUG abilities now cancel actions
  • Reduce default global cooldown 1.5 -> 1.0
  • BUG added map key to selection configuration screen
  • BUG mp_timelimit is temporarily adjusted per map if APC timers exceed timelimit
  • Increased battle yell duration 12.0 -> 15.0
  • Building ID's now display the owning hellion's name
  • BUG use override on buildings for temporary walk through collision (preventing blocks by friendly buildings)
  • BUG improved buildings collision (can't solidify around/trap players)
  • BUG extreme velocity interactions with planes causing velocity runaway fixed
  • Improved player pushback interactions (APC collision, inner light, dash/charge)
  • Detonate blood reduced maximum energy 15 -> 10
  • Degenerate base intellect 8 -> 7
  • Fiend base intellect 10 -> 8
  • Increased duration of intimidating shout 8 -> 10
  • BUG bots no longer spawn unfrozen if joining during freeze time
  • Detonate blood cooldown reduced 3.0 -> 1.5
  • Dark will cost reduced 10 -> 8
  • Leap cost reduced 5 -> 4
  • Feeding changed from fixed amount to max HP percentage (overall feed time reduced for lower levels)
  • Feeding amount added to convar sv_coven_feed_percent
  • Default HP/body reduced from 100 -> 60
  • Vampire regen increased from 4% to 5% of max HP and moved to convar sv_coven_regen_percent
  • BUG updated missing linux client files
  • Improved networking efficiency of variables (cloak factor)
  • BUG fixed base game prediction issue with ducking hulls
  • BUG improved networking efficiency of vampire weapons (prediction error fix allowed proper PVS culling of send)
  • BUG vitality no longer displays for un-feedable ragdoll prop entities
  • BUG correct glow color shows when joining vampires from spectators with pre-existing cloaked vampires
  • BUG gutcheck properly factors in strength for damage mitigation
  • BUG status effects cannot be applied to KO'd vampires
  • Masochist changed to 10 -> 12 duration +175% -> +100% max effect 180% -> 120% of damage taken converted
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