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Major gameplay updates coming up next week! Fixes all of the things you want to be improved.

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I thank you for everyone specially for the people who played the game ( I know it has little "flaws" for now - this is my first game I ever made ) and made it to the top 30 :) If you browse all games filtering them with - Status: Released; Theme: Horror; then sort by Popularity - you can see our Courage there sitting at top 23 - 24 (probably gets changed through time), I really thank you guys for the support!! :D
I will be releasing an update, v.1.1, with lots of changes in it and probably fixes all the flaws that you PM'd to me (really sorry about that). It will probably be released next week so stay tuned! :D

BTW, for all of you fans out there who supported the game (and for the ones who don't hehe) here's a bonus news for you; there are 2 upcoming games that I will be releasing. The first one will "probably" come out this February 2015 and the second one will be on April 2015. One of those games is 'Courage 2' and the other one is a secret! Graphics are 500 times way more better, gameplay will make your heart boom faster and slower at the same time, and storyline will blow your brains off.

But so much for that, stay tuned for Courage v.1.1 release, updates, and news this upcoming days. I will fix everything and add everything you PM'd (except for that pewdiepie popup, seriously? -_-). Thank you guys, GB, stay tuned, have the Courage!

~dev DK Reigns

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