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We decided to tie all loose ends, Courage is now a game series.

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After the release of the first game, a lot of people was questioning me what really is the story behind Courage and what would they expect in the next. To be honest the game was really successful. I didn't expect it would gain too much popularity and just now, it reached over 500+ downloads, went on Top 50 released horror games, and Top 2 (Courage A&L) on most popular upcoming horror game here on Indie DB. And there are over 18+ gameplays there on Youtube, even Markiplier played the game and commented on it. So to honor the success of the first, we decided the upcoming games will be based on the original storyline we've made which was introduced on the first game. The identity of the scientist will be revealed, the origin of the research lab, the smoke, and specially the antagonist which will be introduced in CA&L .

Courage: Alone and Lost Update

If you check the Courage A&L page, I've posted something there that A&L will be a big game. Yep, it is! Judging by the graphics and the size of the game alone is really a great improvement. You can now sprint, interact with things like playing a tv and etc. The game will be released on both x32 and x64 on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. As of the release date, if everything's fine, it scheduled to be on the last week of January or if postponed, on the first week of February next year.

Courage: Prequel

Ok I wouldn't really say too much on this one yet but, a lot of people asked me if there's a prequel on the first game, yes there is. :) But its not really planned to be released next year.

What's Next after Courage A&L?

Yes we already planned the next game even though Alone and Lost wasn't released yet. The game is of course a direct sequel to Alone and Lost. My mouth is still zipped on this one so I can't talk too much of this, I'll just say it would probably come out next year too.

This is it guys and thank you so much for the continues support specially to those people who pm'd me that they wanted to help the project. Good luck, God bless, and Stay tuned for more updates.

Sincerely yours,
~Dranreb Benedicto (DK)

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