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The game was suppose to come out on January 30 but since we've changed a lot of things on the gameplays and fixed some bugs and glitches, we decided to put the release date on February 7 (2 months after the first release).

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From January 30 to February 7, the release date was moved.

What Happened?

I just got back this morning. I've been out-of-town for nearly a week to attend the funeral service of my aunt who's very close to me. Well, life is truly too short, so don't hate people :) Anyway, the development froze over like a week so we're like one week behind the deadline. We've tested out the current build and decided to add more details and things on the gameplay, and Carlo, my teammate, is now currently building our website so you can go there and find more info's about us and the upcoming game series - yep we're serious now X). To be honest, we can really force ourselves and finish the whole game and release it on January 30 but, I won't take that risk anymore, after what happened to the first game, learned a lesson. So we decided that its really better to postpone the release date a little bit than to release a sh*tty game just to cope up with the deadline :)
Besides all that, the development is now ongoing and is doing good. Stay tuned everyone! And God bless always. And oh, thank you so much for the gameplays you posted from the first game Courage, yeah I literally watched all of them :) Some said the game was good, some said it was bad, and some said the game was underrated. Hehe, I really enjoyed watching you guys play our work I mean, that's the greatest joy a game developer can achieve - watching hundreds of gamers play his game :D
So thank you again! And stay tuned! Have the Courage!

~DK Reigns

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