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With just less than a week for its release, here's some info's you might wanna know.

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The Courage fanbase is still growing even if the sequel's nearly here, lots and lots of gameplays still continues to be uploaded everyday on Youtube from the first game. They say they liked it because its simple and yet it brings horror to the gamers. "The downside is just that the game was too repetitive " so as some gamers complained. Others said it needs a story. So here it is, a comparison between Courage and Courage 2 on what has been changed/added:


Courage: Mementos (jumpscaring-zombies)
Courage 2: Creepers, Silent Creepers, Stalkers, Mementos, and Spectator


Courage: 2 - the asylum and the mini forest at the end
Courage 2: 7 (details in game)


Courage: Pros: Simple Controls; Cons: too slow, can't sprint...
Courage 2: Pros: Smooth Controls, Can now sprint, smooth camera movement, dialogues added with sub; Cons: -none so far-


Courage: Moderate
Courage 2: Hard

Things that we're removed from the first game

Jumping, Camera UI, and Stability System

That's it for now guys! Thank you for supporting us through the Courage franchise :) I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming sequel. God Bless and stay tuned for more updates. Have the Courage!


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