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C&C: Mashup countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, USSR, Libya, Iraq, Cuba, Ukraine, Yuri's Army, Toxin Force.

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Allied Nations

Allied Nations


  • Special Building: Armory Barracks
    You can send soldiers into the Barracks and they will be elite.
    [Credit(s): Flag animation: Own / C&C Mashup ; Cameo: C&C Generals - EA / WW]
  • Special Weapons: Paradrop, Tank Drop
    Paradrop: 6 G.I. & 6 Rocket G.I. ; Tank Drop: 4 Grizzly Tank & 1 I.F.V.
    [Credit: Tank Drop Cameo: C&C Generals - EA / WW]
  • Special Adjustments: infantry, vehicles & ships speed +20%
  • Veteran Units: G.I., Navy SEAL, Air Fortress


  • Special Building: Battle Bunker
    [Credit: MadHQ ; Cameo: Own / C&C Mashup]
  • Special Unit: Sniper
  • Special Adjustments: infantry, vehicles & ships strength +30%
  • Veteran Units: I.F.V., Battle Fortress, Destroyer


  • Special Building: Grand Cannon
    [Credit(s): Turret model: Bu7loos ; Cameo: Xeno]
  • Special Unit: Deja-vu Artillery
    It's a Mirage Tank Artillery.
    [Credit(s): Bu7loos ; Cameo: C&C Generals - EA / WW]
  • Special Adjustments: defenses armor +30%
  • Veteran Units: Rocket G.I., Mirage Tank, Aegis Cruiser


  • Special Units: Tank Destroyer, Krone Tank
    Krone Tank like Apocalypse, very powerful.
    [Credit(s): Krone Tank: ronco ; Cameo: C&C Generals - EA / WW]
  • Special Adjustments: tank speed +30%, armor +30%
  • Veteran Units: Chrono Legionnaire, Prism Tank, Chrono Prison

South Korea

  • Special Building: AA Laser Gun
    [Credit(s): MadHQ ; Cameo: Speeder / Mental Omega: APYR 2.0 Resource Pack]
  • Special Units: Black Eagle, Laser Drone Launcher
    [Credit(s): Tank model: Bu7loos ; Drone model: Napalm / YR Supernova Mod ; Cameo: Own]
  • Special Adjustments: aircraft speed +30%, armor +30%; cost -25%
  • Veteran Units: Rocketeer, Harrier, Aircraft Carrier

Soviet Union

Soviet Union


  • Special Building: Heavy Tesla Coil
    [Credit: XGamer]
  • Special Unit: Tesla Tank
  • Special Adjustments: vehicles & ships armor +30%
  • Veteran Units: Tesla Trooper, Kirov Airship, Typhoon Attack Sub


  • Special Units: Demolition Truck, Demolition Truck MK2, Demo. Boat
    [Credit(s): D. Truck MK2: Napalm / YR Supernova Mod ; Demo. Boat: ArgCmdr]
  • Special Adjustments: +30% faster unit construction
  • Veteran Units: Conscript, Scud Launcher, Sea Scorpion


  • Special Units: Desolater, Uranium Tank
    Uranium Tank has poisoned cannon and create radiation field when deployed.
    [Credit(s): Desolater Cameo: lefthand ; Uranium Tank: MadHQ]
  • Special Adjustments: vehicles & ships speed +30%
  • Veteran Units: Apocalypse, Siege Chopper, Killer Whale


  • Special Weapon: Airstrike
    Available after you built the Radar Tower. Recharge Time: 6:30
  • Special Unit: Terrorist
    [Credit: Cameo: C&C Generals - EA / WW]
  • Special Adjustments: -30% structures build time
  • Veteran Units: Flak Track, Mig, Dreadnought


  • Special Units: Saboteur, Iron Artillery
    Saboteur like Allied Spy but has death weapon.
    [Credit(s): Saboteur: LordKal, Cameo: C&C Generals - EA / WW ;
    mevitar, Iron Artillery: Speeder / Mental Omega APYR: 2.0 Resource Pack]
  • Special Adjustments: +30% buildings armor
  • Veteran Units: Flak Trooper, Rhino Heavy Tank, War Miner

Armies of Yuri

Armies of Yuri

Yuri's Army

  • Special Unit: Gattling Fist
    [Credit: Napalm / YR Supernova Mod]
  • Special Adjustments: +15% buildings armor & -15% structures build time
  • Veteran Units: Gattling Trooper, Lasher Light Tank

Toxin Force

  • Special Unit: Freezer
    Primary weapon: 'ice radiation' and use EMP to vehicles.
    [Credit: MadHQ]
  • Special Adjustments: infantry & vehicles speed +20%
  • Veteran Units: Virus, Floating Disc
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