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Country of One invites you to build an island of your dreams with your own hands.

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Country of One is an immersive virtual sandbox that allows players to build with extreme accuracy. As soon as any developer starts working in VR, they quickly become aware that all the usual approaches of interacting with game content seem obsolete and a more elegant way can be found. With that in mind, Country of One provides a building experience that feels real and direct while also helping players out with non-intrusive auto alignment tools. For example, any two building blocks can be placed at any angle to each other, and if you want a perfectly straight angle, auto-align will snap building elements perfectly.

Beside inert building blocks, Country of One contains a set of electromechanical parts. Generators can be connected to buttons and light fixtures, pistons can push structures and burning materials can be set ablaze with a blowtorch! At the moment, CO1 is a purely creative sandbox, but we’ll be adding survival features that fit the building simulation format over the next few months.

Country of One invites you to build an island of your dreams with your own bare hands, this is what VR was made for!

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